Charlie Crist Program – Improving Healthcare in Florida

Charlie Crist is the governor of Florida. He knows that the state is a leader in consumer driven healthcare, Medicaid Reform, and biomedical innovation. Even though Florida health insurance is more advanced than other states, it is very expensive to the point of being unaffordable for many residents. Charlie Crist is working on four areas of improvement to create better healthcare coverage and prices for the residents of Florida.One of the first things on Governor Crist’s list is to make healthcare more affordable to Florida residents. The main theme of this initiative is to make prescription drugs more affordable. The Governor feels that by negotiating with the drug industry to provide volume discounts on prescription medicine, the savings can be passed down to those that are having trouble paying for medications with a prescription drug card. He is looking for drug companies to provide information to customers about drug costs, as well as encouraging the companies to keep with each other for the lowest prices, not the highest prices. Since Canadian drugs are a lot cheaper than prescription drugs in America, Governor Crist wants to create a means to import affordable drugs safely from Canada.The second part of Governor Crist’s plan is to increase the current options available for healthcare choices, having more options other than emergency care. He is looking to minimize the red tape and build new facilities and increase community and home based healthcare services. He would also like to see an improvement in the health care of rural communities and institute a higher quality of emergency care. Next, the Governor is in favor of prevention. He feels that the Department of Health needs to be refocused and led by the State Surgeon General. The State Surgeon General will become the top advocate for wellness. The responsibilities of this role will be to promote nutrition and fitness initiatives both in school and in the home. This will also promote early awareness and intervention for mental illness and substance abuse.The last part of Charlie Crist program is to work on improving the quality of healthcare. He is looking to improve healthcare settings by doing research and analysis on data regarding oversights and mistakes. He will create standards for hospitals to follow that will reduce infections. Charlie Crist will use innovation to improve healthcare quality for the residents of Florida. While the rest of the world is focused on national healthcare, Governor Crist is looking to improve the healthcare in his own back yard.If you need assistance in locating particular coverages at a pre-determined price, we can help save 50% on health insurance.